That’s how the Wheel turns, dear friends. We almost finally relocated our SL HQ to a lovely place overseeing the waters between the main island and Prankster South, and it feels good. We’re also sorta busy in InWorldz, got us an island and a stage there. And then there’s the shows we get invited to do: such excellent vibes at those places. Must be because the people there are so delightful.

Over the past couple of years, we seem to have managed to dwindle away from the places one usually winds up when doing music stuff in the Virtual Worlds. Musta been ages since we last been to a shopping mall.

It’s all pretty basic, really. No big thing.

All we do, is open our soul  to the beauty in all those worlds which, as y’all know, is made by all the freaky people in it. And as soul-opening goes, it cleares the way for grooving together. The only thing is, when we do a show, we’re all tied up setting up the stage and lights before we start, tune guitars and making sure the sound is right, doing all kinds of Virtual Worlds stuff like spreading the word that we’ll be jamming soon and then, of course, get on that stage and do our thing.

Then, when all is said and done, we gotta get our feet on the ground again. Take in the fresh air, clean up our stage, that kind of stuff. We do try to hang with y’all for a bit longer, but it always feels like too little.

It’s true, you know: we actually miss y’all between shows. That’s why it makes me happy that you seem to be finding this little blog.

Thank you so much. One love.