SL is so sweet. Chilled at the neighbour’s campfire today and listened to a show we did a couple of weeks ago. We had to test her audiostream powers, you see. And before that, we we’d been invited to come and jam at another neighbour’s Piano Bar so it wasn’t hard to get in the mood.

So many lovely people all over the place.

This week is gonna be so nice with music too. We’ll be doing our thing at Burn2 on Wednesday at Noon, then at sweet Benares on Saturday 3 PM – feels like we really did a great job in ditching those wretched shopping malls. Ha.

We might not jam often but when we do, it’s at a cool place. A good thing, if you ask me. And then there’s our new crib. Good vibes. Thinking about getting myself an easy chair or something in the studio.

Then re-string the Ladies and go unplugged. Wanna spend more time in Coolsounds & Magick anyway and streaming music ain’t that hard.

And in gorgeous SL, we can sit down anywhere we like. Even at home.