Our latest show is always in the sidebar. And we wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was dowloadable as well in some mysterious right-click way. Personally, what I like about those recordings is that they show no editing mercy.

Voodoo reggae inna mess-it-up stylee.

Was in a Turkish bath the other day and could use some fresh cool water. They usually have a tap for stuff like that in Turkish baths. Apart from that, I have very poor eyesight. Especially in hot and steamy places.

So I touched the valve where the steam came from. With the index finger of my right hand. Now I need to expose the afllicted area to fresh air as much as possible, is what they say.

They’re right. Of course they’re right. They always are. That’s why they got those cool black helicopters. And I am stuck with an immobilized index finger that makes playing the guitar impossible, thus forcing me to cancel shows that I was so much looking forward to.

Thanks for being so patient with us, dear Pagans. We’ll be back as soon as we can, and fortunately, there’s no need for an index finger to be able to type.