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And so good old 2010 ended, as far as our live shows are concerned, on the stage of the Phantom Theater in Erie Isle.

Naturally, the Grid Gremlins tried to mess it all up by blowing the entire sim into the Great Unknown, but we didn’t blink even once and managed to get on stage five minutes before showtime.

That’ll teach ’em. Nasty little critters.

We had a wonderful time, wouldn’t wanna have missed it for the world. Many thanks to all those who came and joined us for the occasion and in case any of you might have missed it: the MP3 recording of the show is downloadable in the sidebar.

You will have to do without the laser show and video stream, though. But hey, there’s gotta be an incentive to get y’all to come to a show one of these days. Right? Grin.

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First of all: big ups to the Hon. Robert Nesta Marley OM for this excellent blog post title. He nailed it again. Beat that.


So we did a show in SL the other day and ran into the lady who invited us to come and do so, a couple of days later. She had some interesting things to say that got us thinking. Stuff about lyrics and (even more important) riddims. She also mentioned a brother worth checking out.

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And a merry Xmas to y’all as well, dear friends.

We released the album on a Fool Moon Day. Those are good days. So the first Fool Moon Day of 2011, we’re gonna go live and direct in RL, in the heart of the Neverlands by the Sea. And after that, we’ll do it every Moon cycle to come. Rolling out dem ambient voodoo reggae grooves to live and direct people of flesh and blood. Gotta figure out a way to stream the audio over the interwebs.

That way, our brothers and sisters in the Colonies could join in as well.

The winter season has hit us, in the world outside our doors. It’s literally freezing cold out there, and we’ve got snow and other slippery challenges as well. Did I mention we’re gonna do a show in SL coming Saturday, Madame and me? We so much love that place, and the people that live there.

First time we met our new neighbour today. And then there’s you.

One love.

As you all will have heard by now, NASA is gonna announce something about alien lifeforms coming Thursday. So here’s the idea: we all post our prediction of what they’re gonna announce that day in the comments, and whoever’s got it right gets all the money. I’ll throw in L$ 500. This could be big bucks rolling in, folks. I shit you not.

*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

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