First of all: big ups to the Hon. Robert Nesta Marley OM for this excellent blog post title. He nailed it again. Beat that.


So we did a show in SL the other day and ran into the lady who invited us to come and do so, a couple of days later. She had some interesting things to say that got us thinking. Stuff about lyrics and (even more important) riddims. She also mentioned a brother worth checking out.

Now he of course enjoys the benefit of a real band, and sweet samples at hand. But still. Listen carefully to his stuff. There is a common ground. All we need to do, is leave the Safe Zone – all we need is Da Groove.

And there’s a sweet drum kit on the iPhone, with a loop station to capture it. There’s also a bass guitar and a keyboard.

With this being the holidays and a fresh year coming up (gonna jam in RL too, do forgive us for the shameless self-promotion), we were thinking of some quality studio time. Just to check out how it could sound.

Next SL show is at Erie Isle, upcoming Wednesday. Looking forward to it. We don’t seem to play that often nowadays. Ha. So what.

Do check out their website in the sidebar.

And thanks ever so much, sister Maeve. We owe you one.