And so good old 2010 ended, as far as our live shows are concerned, on the stage of the Phantom Theater in Erie Isle.

Naturally, the Grid Gremlins tried to mess it all up by blowing the entire sim into the Great Unknown, but we didn’t blink even once and managed to get on stage five minutes before showtime.

That’ll teach ’em. Nasty little critters.

We had a wonderful time, wouldn’t wanna have missed it for the world. Many thanks to all those who came and joined us for the occasion and in case any of you might have missed it: the MP3 recording of the show is downloadable in the sidebar.

You will have to do without the laser show and video stream, though. But hey, there’s gotta be an incentive to get y’all to come to a show one of these days. Right? Grin.

Our plans for the new year are quite modest: we’re just gonna keep on doing what we’ve been doing already. And we’re gonna see what happens when we take the Born Again Pagans out into this Other World Of Everyday where people can’t fly or teleport yet.

Looking forward to meeting you again in 2011. Peace, y’all.