And so it came to pass that we were doing very few shows by the time the year 2010 ended.  This was mainly because routine, however very useful in many situations, can become real boring real fast. Especially when you end up doing it three or even more times a week.

And Boring Again Pagans, it just doesn’t sound that exciting to us.

So there we were, merrily grooving along with the Flow Of Things, getting curiouser and curiouser about what these new times would bring us. And then, one late night in January, a new road opened up.

In SL, for instance, we have been invited to do a monthly show at Erie Isle and at Circe Broom’s Memphis Pavilion. Two exquisite venues on islands that are well worth exploring.

There’s also a project involving the intertwining of virtual and meatspace realities, which will not only result in some seriously ass-kicking cinematic art but also in a Born Again Pagans show for a live audience in both SL and Southern California simultanuously.

Did I already mention all the other dear friends who invite us over from time to time?

And then there’s InWorldz:  a crispy fresh world where we’re working on a cozy little venue for the occasional jams. We’ve been invited to do our first-ever show in this world at a place called Gulliver’s Travels on February 17th.

Needless to say, the exact details and comfortable limousines to take you to all those places will be provided when showtime is nigh – on Twitterz, Facebooks, in the appropriate forums and, who knows, maybe even here.

2011 is gonna be another one of those fabulous years, dear friends. We’re looking forward to it.