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Here we go, dear friends. If you click on the teenie-weenie picca on the left of this line, you’ll get the full-blown *.PNG of our latest kick-ass promo poster. All you’ve gotta do, is fill in the time and place.

Just got back from our monthly show at the Memphis Pavillion and I gotta tell ya, Madame and me, we love sistah Circe. She gives us a stage to ┬ádo our thing. It’s at the Laurel Arts Island, in a park. This night ( we only play at midnight local time there) we lit up the skies and my Lady was there as well.

She’s kinda scary, that Lady of mine. Where music is concerned, she don’t take any prisoners. I shit you not.

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Even though Madame Amoufhaz can’t join us today, due to urgent family matters in her home country, she did promise to set up a telepathic connection so we can channel her soundscapes through the other instruments we have at hand. We also promise to seriously light up the skies over Laurel Isle.

Can you imagine a better place to be on a Sunday? A luxury limo to the venue awaits you here – would be wonderful to see y’all again.

This Thursday, gonna take that good old ambient voodoo reggae groove across the border, dear friends. I’m gonna go to a place called Gulliver Travels in InWorldz. It’s a real pretty place. Got me a guitar there that even channels Madame’s soundscapes and stuff. Now ain’t that something?

It’s gonna be at 1 PM gametime and man, would I be happy to offer you a comfortable taxi-ride to get there. But if you go to the InWorldz website, get yourself an avatar, download the client and fire it up, you’ll see the event listed on the startup screen. Shouldn’t be too difficult to track me down, once you get that far.

It was great overseas and in case you missed this historic occasion, you can grab the MP3 recording from the sidebar. Imagine that! The very first Born Again Pagans show abroad and it could be all yours!

After our next show, this particular MP3 will be be lost for download forever. Just sayin’.

I grew up listening to music. My favourite artists weren’t the omnipresent cleverly marketed products that we can’t seem to avoid nowadays, they were real people who had real things to say. They sang about their fears and doubts, about the things they loved, about their dreams. They sang about their lives.

And often, they also sang for their lives.

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Here’s one in Arabic. Guitar and vocals by Ramy Essam, lyrics by the Egyptian people and edited by Mohamed Soliman. Just click da picca.

*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

  • Wat een prachtig instrument, zo'n carillon. En zeker dat van 030. 5 years ago