I grew up listening to music. My favourite artists weren’t the omnipresent cleverly marketed products that we can’t seem to avoid nowadays, they were real people who had real things to say. They sang about their fears and doubts, about the things they loved, about their dreams. They sang about their lives.

And often, they also sang for their lives.

Much has changed since those days. One major step forward is that thanks to the internetz, everybody can spread their words and music all over the planet. Let’s ignore the sad fact that a lot of music only aims at showing off how successfull, talented or whatever the artist claims to be.

Let’s open our eyes, hearts and ears for the joyous fact that in music, there are indeed no borders.

Mish ba’eed means not far away. It’s a compilation of songs by North-African hiphop artists from Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya. You can download the album by clicking on one of the images. Then unzip and play LOUD.