This Thursday, gonna take that good old ambient voodoo reggae groove across the border, dear friends. I’m gonna go to a place called Gulliver Travels in InWorldz. It’s a real pretty place. Got me a guitar there that even channels Madame’s soundscapes and stuff. Now ain’t that something?

It’s gonna be at 1 PM gametime and man, would I be happy to offer you a comfortable taxi-ride to get there. But if you go to the InWorldz website, get yourself an avatar, download the client and fire it up, you’ll see the event listed on the startup screen. Shouldn’t be too difficult to track me down, once you get that far.

It was great overseas and in case you missed this historic occasion, you can grab the MP3 recording from the sidebar. Imagine that! The very first Born Again Pagans show abroad and it could be all yours!

After our next show, this particular MP3 will be be lost for download forever. Just sayin’.