Here we go, dear friends. If you click on the teenie-weenie picca on the left of this line, you’ll get the full-blown *.PNG of our latest kick-ass promo poster. All you’ve gotta do, is fill in the time and place.

Just got back from our monthly show at the Memphis Pavillion and I gotta tell ya, Madame and me, we love sistah Circe. She gives us a stage to  do our thing. It’s at the Laurel Arts Island, in a park. This night ( we only play at midnight local time there) we lit up the skies and my Lady was there as well.

She’s kinda scary, that Lady of mine. Where music is concerned, she don’t take any prisoners. I shit you not.

The MP3 of the show is up for download now. In all its raw uneditedness, ‘coz that’s how we roll down here in the Coolsounds & Magick Studios.