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More often than not, priceless things are defenseless. Thinking back to the places Madame and me visited when we first came to SL. Islands where the Elves have a marketplace, dancehalls, places where Dragons dwell, shopping malls (the horror!), lots of places whose name I forgot, music venues, our Secret Treehouse in Avilion, the Bliss Gardens.

One of them will be closing down over the weekend: the Lost Gardens of Apollo. Here’s a video to keep the memory alive (found it on Hamlet’s blog).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Born Again Pagans are alive and well. We’re working on some groovitational stuff.


Went to see Patti today.



Y’all might recall brother Silas visiting, early 2010. Well, he’s been jamming merrily along after that and recently, he came up with the idea of releasing some of the stuff we did through channels on the aethernets. You can read all about these plans (and everything else that’s happening in the Galactic Tour) on his blog, of course.

He asked me if I felt like doing the albumcover design. Ha! I love doing stuff like that! So here it is.


*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

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