Ambient voodoo reggae, live and direct from the Coolsounds & Magick Studios in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. That’s what the Born Again Pagans (est. 2008) are all about.

The Born Again Pagans are Madame Amoufhaz on synths, percussion and assorted madness and hexx Triskaidekaphobia on vocals, guitars, percussion, loopmachines and assorted madness.

Wanna check us out? Joining our SL group is a very good way of getting to know exactly where and when you can find us. Maxed out on groups already? Just check the calendar on this website. Our most recent show is always downloadable right here,  in the ‘Live And Direct’ section of the sidebar.

In case you would like us to play at your place: since we’re in the European timezone, we prefer weekday slots in the SL afternoon, roughly between 10 AM and 3 PM SLT. Saturdays and Sundays in the bright and early SL morning are lovely as well. We appreciate 3000 L$ plus tips for a show.

To contact us inworld, please drop a notecard on hexx Triskaidekaphobia as IM’s tend to get capped.