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On the mainland, near Hantu Station.



Stumbled across this in a timeline somewhere, today. Thanks, sistah Bibi.

Oooh! Almost forgot I’ve got all that space, hidden as it was below the mess I made on top of it.


Still, that Cubase thing. Got it upstairs on the Coolsounds Machine and it doesn’t oxydate. Apart from that, it even fires up when it’s just been sitting there for years. Dopn’t need a battery, you see.

So up until now, every time when I wanted to record something, I would think: why not go straight for the RC-50. It’s so much more practical. But today, my wife said that it might be nice to actually record something. Sounds like a great idea to me.

And then work on doing it live.


Seems like Sistah Cool & The Disciples of Groove are getting there. February, is what I say. February.

Come the good month of February 2012, we’ll be there. The Ionic Spell Collective lured in Sistah Cool & The Disciples Of Groove. What can I say.

It’s called JidWa7da, which is Arab for hand in hand. You can find it here. Feel free to download it to jam along with, spread it around or play it when you go to sleep.

*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

  • Wat een prachtig instrument, zo'n carillon. En zeker dat van 030. 4 years ago