Come the good month of February 2012, we’ll be there. The Ionic Spell Collective lured in Sistah Cool & The Disciples Of Groove. What can I say.

It’s called JidWa7da, which is Arab for hand in hand. You can find it here. Feel free to download it to jam along with, spread it around or play it when you go to sleep.

Last night, sister Brinda Allen passed away in her sleep. She was a wonderful woman – I feel fortunate that she was my friend. This rose is for her.

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Here’s a picture of me, having a peek at the place where the Born Again Pagans (feat. Sistah Cool & The Disciples Of Groove) will be jamming it up today. Looks like there’s plenty of room for y’all as well – and you can even bring a friend or two!

Also, since we’ll be using the venue stream, going inworld is the only way to catch us live and direct. That’s why we’ve arranged for a comfortable limo to take you there. All you gotta do is click here.

Is gonna be coming Saturday, in SL. Stream URL is in the sidebar. Showtime should be around 9 AM SLT, ’till somewhere after Noon.

One of the coolest things about new stuff, is that we gotta start from square one with what we’ve learned. And then we get to be there when it grows. Looks like it’s gonna be a fine summer in the Studios – might just wanna take it on the road.

Groovy days are here again,
The skies above are clear again.
So let’s sing a song of cheer again:
Groovy days are here again.


Was about time we took it to the next level.

More often than not, priceless things are defenseless. Thinking back to the places Madame and me visited when we first came to SL. Islands where the Elves have a marketplace, dancehalls, places where Dragons dwell, shopping malls (the horror!), lots of places whose name I forgot, music venues, our Secret Treehouse in Avilion, the Bliss Gardens.

One of them will be closing down over the weekend: the Lost Gardens of Apollo. Here’s a video to keep the memory alive (found it on Hamlet’s blog).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Born Again Pagans are alive and well. We’re working on some groovitational stuff.

*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

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